Reservations Policies

See your Travel Agent or contact:

Aranui Cruises
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Passenger contract:

Passengers are carried subject to the stipulations of the Passage Contract Ticket of Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime. The passage ticket is nontransferable and is valid only the for person(s) who originally purchased the ticket.


After your booking has been confirmed by CPTM, should you cancel for any reason, a cancellation fee of $125 (AUD) or $136(NZD) per person

  • If cancelled 60 to 45 days before scheduled departure – 1/3 of the total fare is retained.
  • If cancelled 44 to 30 days before the scheduled departure date – 2/3 of the total fare is retained.
  • If cancelled less than 30 days or nonappearance at cruise departure date – the total fare will be retained.


After CPTM issues a confirmation, changes to the confirmed departure date made at passenger’s or travel agent’s request, less than 60 days prior to the confirmed departure date, will be subject to the same penalties applied to cancellations.


Insurance is available to help recover non-refundable travel expenses for trip cancellations or interruption, baggage damage or loss and trip accident. We recommend that passengers consider these coverages. Consult your travel agent or insurance agent for specific details concerning coverage and exceptions.